Logo design for Lídia Calabuig interior designer

We have created the logo design for the interior design company Lídia Calabuig, in Girona. With a sophisticated and minimalist style, it conveys the aesthetic line of the services they offer.

Logo design in minimalist and elegant style, custom-made for an interior design studio in Girona

In the world of interior design, where every detail matters and customization is key, creating a custom logo for a studio like Lídia Calabuig Design Studio in Girona becomes a fundamental piece of their visual identity. A logo is not only the first impression a potential client receives; it is also a statement of intent, a promise of the quality and creativity that defines the studio.

Lídia Calabuig Design Studio is synonymous with sophistication, innovation, and customization. In the logo design, it was essential to capture the essence of these values. A custom logo offers the possibility to stand out in a competitive market, highlighting the unique features that make the studio special.

The creative process behind a logo that reflects the spirit of the brand

The logo design process for Lídia Calabuig began with a deep immersion into the studio's philosophy and previous works. This understanding was crucial to adequately reflect their identity through graphic design. An elegant and minimalist typography was chosen to communicate modernity and a touch of classic, while the color palette was selected to evoke sophistication and warmth, central elements in their interior design projects.

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disseny de logo
logo per interiorista girona

Symbolism and functionality of the logo

The logo incorporates elements that symbolize creativity and adaptability, such as the curved lines at the end of the letters in the main part of the logo, two key qualities of Lídia Calabuig's studio. The use of clean lines and geometric shapes in the design not only provides a visually pleasing aesthetic but also facilitates its application in different media, from stationery to digital advertising.

Creating a custom logo goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is about developing a strategic marketing tool that will help Lídia Calabuig Design Studio build a strong brand which expresses the values ​​of the studio. This logo acts as a seal that guarantees the studio's standards of excellence and unique vision, attracting clients seeking exclusive and personalized service.

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