AJUNTAMENT DE BANYOLES · Image of the 10th Aloja Fair

One more year, we have designed the entire graphic image of "Aloja, Fantastic Medieval Fair of Banyoles." In 2018, the tenth edition (X) was celebrated, loaded with surprises, innovations, and performances that make it a unique and spectacular event.


The development of the image starts from a photograph of one of the most iconic characters of this edition, provided by Alma Cubrae. At Frame Girona, we perform photo retouching and apply backgrounds, special effects, and appropriate lighting to create the fantasy atmosphere that permeates the festival. Using digital collage techniques, we combine a series of images to create the ideal space for integrating the character, and finally, we apply special effects of smoke, fire, and light, as well as reflections on the armor.



This project includes a wide variety of elements, such as the totem and the fold-out program with information about all the activities, press ads, and digital ads. It is crucial that fair visitors are perfectly informed and find themselves in Banyoles during the fair.





Starting from the digital collage, we design the festival poster, one of the most important pieces, which serves as a guide for the entire image application of the fair for the current edition. This piece includes the dates, basic event information, and the entities that make it possible.