Logo design for audiovisual production company in Girona and the Costa Brava

We have created the brand image for the audiovisual production company Rebobina. With the main logo, and variations of shape and color to make it applicable on any surface.

Creation of the new logo for the audiovisual production company Rebobina, in Girona and the Costa Brava

Rebobina is an audiovisual production company dedicated to creating customized videos for all kinds of clients. Whether they need a corporate video, a commercial spot, a documentary, or a short film, Rebobina offers creative and professional solutions to bring the project to the screen. They have a specialized team in direction, production, editing, and post-production that adapt to the needs of all their clients and their budget. At Rebobina, they are passionate about telling stories with images and sound, and they want to help communicate messages effectively and originally.

The logo, the most visible face of a company

As we already know, the logo is the most visible and recognizable part of companies. It is the image that clients associate with the brand and the name of the project, and it must be easy to remember and distinguish from other brands. 

Therefore, the design of the logo for an audiovisual production company in this case must be strategic, reflecting the values, mission, and identity of the company. A good logo for an audiovisual production company will not only attract the attention of potential clients but will also foster loyalty and trust in the brand. Additionally, it must be adaptable to different formats and supports, from business cards to digital platforms, always maintaining its visual integrity. 

That's why at Rebobina we have made different adaptations of the logo so that it can be used both horizontally and vertically, in icon format, and in positive and negative for application on backgrounds of any shade. 

logo per productora audiovisual a girona i costa brava
logo per productora audiovisual girona
Logo per productora audiovisual costa brava

A brand image, a thousand logo application options

A well-designed logo must maintain its visual coherence and impact in all these applications. For example, in printed materials such as business cards, flyers, and packaging, the logo must be clear and recognizable, even in small dimensions. On social networks and websites, the logo must be adaptable to different resolutions and devices, ensuring that the brand remains consistent and professional.

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