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Dr. Sakamanchas is an international company that offers services and products related to dental care. They seek to differentiate themselves from the competition through a fun and modern image.


packaging dr sakamanchas producto
diseño de packaging de producto

packaging dr sakamanchas producto diseño


Dr. Sakamanchas product packaging design: tooth whitening strips

The company Dr. Sakamanchas commissioned us to design the different pieces that make up the packaging of their tooth whitening strips. Using the brand and the illustrations created for the presentation of their products, we created a dynamic and casual design to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Product packaging design is an essential part of a company's communication and marketing. The packaging is the first contact that the consumer has with the product, and therefore, it has to transmit the values, quality and personality of the brand. The packaging also has a practical function, as it has to protect the product, facilitate its transport and packaging, and comply with legal regulations. Therefore, making a good design requires an analysis of the market, the target public, the competitors and the technical requirements of the product.

A good design has to be attractive, distinctive, informative and functional.

In this way, it is possible to capture the consumer's attention, generate trust and loyalty, and increase sales. Packaging design is, therefore, a strategic positioning tool that can contribute greatly to the success of a product on the market.

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