EGOITALIANO · Campaign for the introduction of a new brand

We present to you the introductory campaign of the Egoitaliano brand, a luxury Italian sofa brand that lands for the first time in the province of Girona with the largest store in Europe. In the brand concept, we emphasize mystery, intrigue, and seduction, as well as the elegance of the product with quality and a unique, proprietary design.


In order to make this brand known to the target public, the days before the store opened, we started to generate intrigue through offline and online media, such as the press, social networks and cinema commercials. The way to do this was through seductive messages that were gradually revealed drop by drop to arouse interest in finding out what lies behind the brand.




The night before the store opening, a private party was held with luxury guests, immersing them in the authentic essence of Italian glamour. The theme of the event was a Venetian carnival with masks for all attendees, an opera singer, and a luxurious catering service. Attendees had the opportunity to meet the brand's creators and experience the quality of their products firsthand.

During the night, promotion was carried out through social media, revealing the product behind the brand. Simultaneously, promotion was done through the press and with a video of the party, which was shared on social media and the brand's website.







Once the public knows what product is hidden behind the brand, it's time to emphasize the brand's values intensely and provide information about the store. In this case, communication through various channels was crucial. On one hand, we invested in print ads, radio commercials, TV and cinema spots, and flyers. On the other hand, through online media, extensive promotion was carried out via the website, Adwords advertisements, and social networks.



At the same time, we also took charge of creating the signage for the store and the delivery truck of the brand. A design that is intense, delicate, and elegant, which reaffirms and conveys the brand's values.