FASE Construction Management. Logo redesign and brand style guide

We have redesigned the logo and the new style guide of the project.

FASE Construction Management are a team that manages the construction of housing and investment in properties for sale or rent on the Costa Brava. With experience, total knowledge of the area, and a wide network of professionals, they accompany you throughout the construction process of your home.

guia d'estil nou logotip fase

guia estil logotip frame girona

estil fase marca logotip construcción guia estilo

 construccion inversion casas costa brava

logotipo para empresa de arquitectura y construccion

marca logotipo Frame Girona, diseño grafico y branding

The logo and the brand design guide are fundamental elements for the visual identity of a company.

They communicate the values, personality and purpose of the brand by using colours, fonts, icons, images and other graphic resources. A good logo design and brand design guide helps to create a coherent, professional and memorable image that differentiates you from the competition and generates confidence in your clients.

However, over time, brands may need to update their logo and style guide to adapt to changes in the market, trends, consumer preferences or the company's own evolution.

A logo redesign and brand style guide can have a number of benefits, such as:

- Refresh the image of the brand and make it more current, modern and attractive.
- Reaffirm the brand's SEO and its value proposition to its target audiences.
- Reflect the growth, innovation or transformation of the company and its products or services.
- Align the visual identity with the brand's strategy, mission and vision.
- Resolve possible problems or inconsistencies in the previous design that affect the legibility, functionality or aesthetics of the logo or style guide.

For these reasons, redesigning a logo and brand design guide is an important decision that requires prior analysis, careful planning and professional execution. It is not just a matter of changing the superficial appearance, but of reinforcing the meaning and the message that is to be conveyed by the brand.

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