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INGOGROUP is a company with extensive graphic experience in the field of packaging, and more specifically in the field of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging. Specialised in the mass consumption food sector, they offer their clients comprehensive and sustainable solutions, through self-adhesive labels, with very tight deadlines and competitive prices.

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Website redesign

We have redesigned the company's website, turning it into a more modern website by incorporating dynamic elements, animations and more fresh content.

The crucial advantages of an updated and personalised website

Having your company's website completely updated, modern and personalised can boost the success and image of your business online. It shows that your company cares about offering a high quality user experience and this increases the perception of professionalism and credibility of your business. 

What's more, keeping the website up to date allows you to easily share information about new products, services, offers or relevant news to keep your audience informed and engaged.

The personalisation of a website allows you to stand out from the competition, for example by creating unique and attractive elements that reflect your style, brand or content in a specific way. Thus, a personalised website helps to reflect your brand identity in a unique way, helping you to differentiate in a saturated market and stand out in your market niche. 

It is also important to know that you can optimise your website from scratch for search engines, so that you facilitate the positioning in search results.

See the result

If you have any doubts about how to apply it to your website, or you are thinking of making a website from scratch, contact us, we will accompany you throughout the process! We help you to boost the success of your website