LA VEDETTE · Web in microsite format for a franchise

La Vedette is a restaurant in Girona with over 15 years of experience. This year, they have initiated a franchise expansion project on a national level. We have developed the franchise's website in line with The Vedette's unique style.

La Vedette Franquicia, a unique project

La Vedette has managed to combine the excellence of its products, the heritage of its traditional recipes, the modernization of its kitchen, and the efficiency in restaurant management. It is for these reasons that La Vedette stands out as one of the projects with great potential for the future and the ability to generate profits. We are delighted to develop their website.


página de inicio La Vedette

página de contacto La Vedette

Desarrollo pagina web La Vedette, responsive para tablet

Desarrollo pagina web La Vedette, diseño responsive para móvil

web la Vedette, diseño responsive para móvil

The positive aspects of creating a website from project information

Creating a specific webpage for a particular project and offering specific contact options can provide numerous advantages. All of this to improve the website's position and the project's visibility. Below are some of these advantages:

Better SEO and therefore, better organic positioning

To optimize the content and specific keywords for this particular project, you can improve your position in search engines for searches related to this topic.

Increased relevance for search engines

A specific web page for the project demonstrates your commitment to it and its importance. This can increase the perception of relevance by search engines.

Ease of contact, a significant improvement in usability

By offering specific contact options, such as contact forms or specific telephone numbers, you make it easier for interested parties to get in touch with you, which can lead to more business opportunities.

Millor Experiència de l’Usuari en la navegació online

A specific website for the project can be designed taking into account the needs and preferences of your target audience, which enhances the user experience and can lead to higher conversion rates.

Brand control for improved communication with the target audience

Having a separate website gives you greater control over the brand image and narrative associated with this particular project.

Facilitates the monitoring of results in order to implement improvements

With an independent website, you can track metrics and performance of this specific project more accurately, allowing you to make informed decisions about future strategies.


In summary, creating a specific webpage for a particular project with precise contact options is an effective strategy to enhance web position and visibility, while also providing a more satisfactory user experience and facilitating engagement with potential clients or interested parties.




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