ODNOSLAB · Corporate Website Restyling


Odnoslab is a company dedicated to consultancy and guidance for SMEs, they offer mainly technological consultancy to optimise the resources of companies and achieve greater efficiency. In addition, they offer cloud services and computer maintenance, data management to ensure the security of their clients, they create their own software to offer an excellent service that guarantees optimum performance, and they offer hardware supply and integration.

It is important for companies that work in sectors related to research and new technologies to convey that they are constantly developing and updating. One of the best ways to do this is to request a corporate website restyling.


Making the restyling of a website depends entirely on what you want to convey with the change, in this case we have chosen new high resolution photographs, with a modern and elegant air. We have added icons to organise and display the information clearly, and dynamic elements to speed up the navigation of the website. We have kept the design style, colours and typography, the important elements of the corporate image, and we have played with the rest of the elements so that the change is evident, without losing the identity of the brand.


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