OiCC · Graphic Brand and Website

Obres i Construccions Celrà (OiCC) is a family-owned company established in 1992. They have a strong focus on comprehensive service, covering the entire lifecycle of construction and facilities. In 2019, they expanded to include 33 employees and their revenue continued to multiply, largely due to their dedication to serving industrial plants. At this point, they decided to invest in branding and undergo a corporate visual identity change.


The first step is the abbreviation of the company name to its minimum initials (OiCC). This way, we achieve a closer identification with the industrial aspect of the company rather than the familial one. The second step, the design of the new pictogram, takes inspiration from the classic construction stripes. A symbolism that we all have in mind and quickly associate with the sector. To make it more modern, a minimalist redesign is proposed.


Since this change represents a significant leap, it is decided to take an intermediate step with a new graphic brand that straddles both: it retains the original pictogram (updating it) and replaces the logo (textual part) with the new one. We began working with the final version of this in 2020.

Many times, the transition process is critical if it is not properly planned because introducing a new brand identity is not just about suddenly replacing a symbol but a series of steps that need to be followed to ensure its success.


In the graphic brand design process, we recommend creating the Brand Guidelines: it is the document that visually describes the brand (logo, image, icon, typography, colors, proportions, and its application rules). A summary of all the essential aspects to consider when using the corporate graphic brand, both in terms of how the brand and its variations should be used, as well as the colors and sizes for applying it on all kinds of media.


We have developed a onepage website that enhances the brand's values and helps create a strong image in the user's mind. It is ideal for businesses looking to establish an online presence without investing in a multi-section website. It is adaptable to all devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and various desktop sizes, with good SEO and programming for easy loading in the browser and high positioning on Google. You can view it on any of your devices at the following link: website