Catalog. Vitrocsa is a prestigious Swiss company that leads in the design and production of high-end windows. The quality, finishes, and functions they offer are incredible. Among these, the windows with invisible tracks that fold completely, allowing the interior and exterior spaces to merge into one, stand out. Plantalech is the distributor of Vitrocsa in Catalonia, and they handle the entire process, from measurement to installation.


Convey the values of the Vitrocsa brand: minimalism, design, excellent finishes, sobriety, quality... This is achieved both through design and the finishes in the catalog itself: Offset printing on high-quality, heavy-weight paper, with a Soft-Touch matte laminate (peach-skin feel). The exterior explores the brand's more serious values, while the interior seeks reference in architectural manuals, with a white background.

All the graphic design is intended to convey this sense of perfection in the grid and to represent the concept of the Vitrocsa brand. Every detail is taken care of, every element is chosen and designed with the utmost precision. On the exterior part, we find several notable details: the first one is the continuity of the image from the cover to the inner pages to reinforce the concept that the windows become a "unique window," allowing you to see the entire landscape. Another detail is the reference to the Plantalech graphic brand (designed by Frame Girona): we use the 3 squares to generate the detailed images of the exterior.



Luxury, minimalism, delicacy, precision, excellent finishes, details... the representation of all the brand's values summarized in a single slogan: "Only the Original Leads Innovation".