AL GIRONÈS LLEGIM! · Communication Campaign

L’Àrea de Cultura del Consell Comarcal del Gironès took the initiative to unify the reading activities carried out by 18 municipalities in the Gironès region. In this way, Al Gironès Llegim! was born, a festival that brings reading closer to the residents through activities and experiences such as literary gatherings, fairs, presentations, and much more. Reading becomes a shared experience and an immersion into new stories!


For the 2020 edition, the first one we worked on, the organizers asked for a change in the image. They had identified that the populations did not feel represented, which was far from the festival's purpose: unity. For this reason, we designed images to symbolize each of the localities. The coats of arms are the most direct representation of a town: we extract the graphic element and the color to create unified shapes. And, in some cases, we look for iconic figures from the towns to develop the image, such as the otters of Salt.




In the next edition, we are once again renewing the main image. In the center, we place an open book, from which all the towns emerge in the form of a tornado. In this way, we evoke the explosion of activities and proposals that Al Gironès Llegim! offers to the public.


We create the website with the new image and categorize events by towns, making the search simpler and unified. Within each event, the audience finds all the necessary information: date, time, and location, with a brief description. 

For the 2021 edition, we redesigned the event images: we created square format images intended for use on social networks as well. We include the day, location, and event name, and in the top right corner, we place the image of the town where it takes place. Using the colors of the icons, we make identification easy.


For the closing concert announcement, we are designing a special dynamic slide, with a button that links to the ticket booking website.



In addition to web-based dissemination, we also make posts on three social networks: Instagram, Facebook i Twitter. Increasingly, we gather information through these networks, which is why it is essential to use them in the communication strategy, especially in the 2021 edition, marked by the COVID restrictions that prevented the creation of printed brochures.

The more than 70 posts are uploaded progressively and close to the date of each event, so we don't lose the information amidst other content. In addition to event photos and the closing concert, we also use animated GIFs to create reminder posts about what the festival entails. Since all posts have the same visual structure, the identification of Al Gironès Llegim! within the Gironès Cultura social media feeds is very clear.



use of strategic hashtags in the body and at the end of the text facilitates searching and grouping by topic, as well as tagging and sharing with the festival participants and creators.