Design and creation of therapist website for Judit Caberol

We have designed and programmed a corporate website specifically created for therapists, with soft tones and a structure that helps provide a good user experience.

Custom web page programming for therapist 

Judit Caberol s a Gestalt, body, and energy therapist dedicated to accompanying individuals to develop themselves individually and collectively, in a conscious, authentic, creative, and fulfilling way. She also offers a wide variety of therapeutic services and training in different disciplines.

She offers various services such as Gestalt and Body Psychotherapy, Reiki, Focusing, Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques, Body Gestalt, LNT®, KAE® Kundalini Activation Energy, Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Quiromassage, Integrative Neurosedative Massage, Chi Nei Tsang Massage, and Bach Flowers. 

Therapy and information website with direct contact

Currently, it is essential to have an online presence to improve visibility, reach a wider audience, and improve communication with clients. Through the website, we can convey all relevant information about our services and products, in this case, therapy services, thereby increasing business opportunities.

One of the fundamental aspects is the option of direct contact, which greatly facilitates the potential client's decision to make initial contact. In this case, a floating button has been implemented that opens a WhatsApp chat.

A website is a simple way to build trust with our clients

Clients can get to know who is behind the brand, the values ​​of it, images or videos of the products or services, and even testimonials from clients or interaction with the brand through a blog or an interactive chat. Websites help convey credibility and professionalism to the public.
web de terapies terapeuta pagina web
Therapist's website with completely custom design

The approach given is a dynamic web page design, where images and information are alternated to make the message conveyed understandable and clear, as well as to make the visit to the website much smoother. This dynamism is achieved thanks to the division of the website into various sections: the home, about me (Judit's personal description), services, training, videos, and blogs. The easier and more comfortable the stay on the website, the more visits we will have.

The line follows the corporate style, using turquoise as the main corporate color. This color evokes peace, tranquility, and mental clarity, fundamental pillars of Judit and the company's message. Also, the website has been adapted to a modern and updated style, where photographs of therapeutic services and training take on certain prominence to give more consistency to the information in the texts. Only one font has been used, and different measures and finishes such as bold have been used to make the text attractive.