Editorial design of a catalog for an oratory academy in Germany

We carried out the complete editorial redesign of the annual catalog for Moderatoren Schule Baden-Württemberg, in Germany

Editorial design of the business catalog as an annual publication

We have redesigned the annual publication of the German school of moderators Moderatoren Schule Baden-Württemberg. To do this, we have followed the aesthetics and corporate colors of the company's image in order to make it more attractive and visual.

An updated editorial redesign by the Moderatoren Schule Baden-Württemberg

Moderatoren Schule Baden-Württemberg is one of the most renowned higher education institutions in the country, teaching professionals to adapt their appearance in front of the public and to communicate better, both live and virtually.

The main objective of this project has been the redesign of the annual catalog, a publication that concludes the exercise of the educational entity, intended to reflect and commemorate the progress, challenges and successes achieved during the course of the school year. For this purpose, a simple and structured design approach has been chosen, with the aim of facilitating the understanding and assimilation of the information presented.

diseño y maquetación de catálogo para empresas

A unique color palette in the catalog redesign

In addition, the chromatic palette of the entity's corporate colors has been faithfully followed, while introducing subtle tonal variations that serve to enhance and enrich the visual presentation. This chromatic consistency not only reinforces the visual identity of the brand, but also provides a sense of uniformity and cohesion to the catalog as a whole.

Diseño disseny editorial en Girona Frame
Creation and design of a cover with a message

Regarding the design of the cover, a graphic representation has been chosen that reflects the main mission of the educational entity, opting for an image that shows a female figure in full exercise of communication and teaching, In addition , visibly includes the school's logo, along with a clear structuring of the different sections and sections that make up the internal content of the catalog.

In summary, this redesign of the annual catalog not only aesthetically seeks harmony and simplicity, but also aspires to faithfully and representatively reflect the values, identity and essence of the educational entity, thus reaffirming its relevance and authority in the educational setting.

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