+INOX · Graphic Branding and Stationery

+INOX is a Catalan company located in Bellcaire d'Empordà. Their activity is dedicated to locksmithing, metalwork, especially for the industrial sector. The latest innovation is a stainless steel line. Their specialty includes products like drinkers, fences, etc., for farm animals. They operate in Catalonia, Spain, and Europe.


+INOX operates internationally and conveys its desire for the naming, to work in Catalan, Spanish, and English. For this reason, we replace the word 'més,' 'más,' or 'plus' with the symbol '+' to make it understandable in any language.

The typography should also express the industry in which the company operates. That's why we use DIN font, a widely used German typeface in the transport and industry sectors. This font has character, and its minimalism makes it very easy to read even at long distances.

As for the color palette , we maintain +INOX's corporate colors: orange and black. To add a distinctive touch, we draw inspiration from the visual effects of steel, a material that exhibits brighter areas and reflections when exposed to light. The horizontal bar of the '+' allows us to introduce texture to the word, evoking the brilliance of a steel bar.



In the graphic branding design process, we create the Brand Guidelines: it is the document that visually describes the brand (logo, image, icon, typography, colors, proportions, and its application rules). A summary of all the essential aspects to consider when using the corporate graphic brand, including how it should be used and its variations, such as colors and sizes for application on various media.


The brand is new, so it's essential to showcase it. We opt for a simple card front: we place the logo centered on a white background to make the name, +INOX, stand out. On the other side, we use orange to differentiate it, adding all the contact information and the icon. We choose a matte laminated finish with a glossy UV3D varnish, which provides reflections and relief, allowing us to reinforce the association with stainless steel.