Design and creation of the website for the Selva Life Coffee & Brunch café in Girona

We have designed and programmed a corporate website for the café, with natural tones and a structure to organize the information.

Custom programming of the café's website

Selva Life Coffee & Brunch, is much more than just a café; it is a space where the inspiration of the Ecuadorian jungle comes to life in every corner and sip of coffee. With its opening, the café has specialized in offering a unique experience of brunch and specialty coffee, seeking to convey the freshness and diversity that characterize the jungle.

In a world where dietary diversity is increasingly relevant, Selva Life Coffee & Brunch offers options for all tastes and dietary needs, from vegetarian and vegan options to dishes suitable for celiacs.

Information website with online menu display

The Selva Life Coffee & Brunch project is based on the creation of the corporate website. The main objective is to further promote the company's philosophy and the various products they offer. The website is structured into four main sections to ensure that the information is organized clearly and accessibly.

From the home page, where we find a brief description of Selva's essence, to the "About Us" section, where the origin and values ​​that drive the business are deepened, each section is designed in such a way that it offers an informative and attractive experience.  There is also the menu section, which provides customers with a detailed view of the dishes with all available options.

disseny web versió mòbil - cafeteria

Connecting with customers through the publication of a monthly blog

Finally, there is the blog, a space to share news, events, and curiosities related to the café and its surroundings. This section strengthens the connection between Selva Life and its community of customers.

disseny i creació de pàgina web per cafeteria
A complete, responsive, and functional web design

A complete, responsive, and functional web design Regarding the style and design chosen for the website, a simple but dynamic approach has been chosen. The combination of product photographs with information about the café not only makes the visit more enjoyable but also reflects the vibrant essence of Selva Life Coffee & Brunch. In addition, the chosen colors are corporate, green tones that remind us of the colors of the jungle.

A unique website

Selva's corporate website not only fulfills the objective of informing customers about its origins and products, but also  reflects  the dynamic, welcoming spirit committed to dietary diversity and sustainability.

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